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Barrett's Lecture "Charlotte Cushman" (1889)

Barrett_Charlotte Cushman. A Lecture (1889)-pages 26-75.pdf
A Lecture by L. Barrett, with an Appendix Containing a Letter from Joseph N. Ireland
The quote from Barrett given in Waters's biography of Cushman shows that Barrett was a great admirer of Cushman.


"Grace Greenwood," Waukesha Daily Freeman, July 13, 1882

1882. Waukesha Daily Freeman. GG Bio.pdf
Sarah K. Bolton writes a favorable biographical account of Grace Greenwood. Bolton introduces the article by characterizing her relationship to Greenwood from admiration from a distance to affection as long-term acquaintences.The author states that…

Bradford's "Charlotte Cushman" (1925/1932)

Bradford_Biography and the Human Heart. 1905. Cushman.pdf
In his biography Biography and the Human Heart (1932), Bradford republished the article (The North American Review, Vol. 221, No. 827 (Jun. - Aug., 1925)) as a chapter. Other biographical chapters covered Walt Whitman or Henry Longfellow, for…

"New Ornaments for Central Park," Burlington Free Press, June 19, 1869

1869. Burlington Free Press. Brewster about Stebbins Statue.pdf
This article reprints a passage written by Anne Brewster in the Philadelphia Bulletin which describes the process of Emma Stebbins creating her sculpture for the Central Park in New York. Credit

"She Wears a Peruke," Hartford Daily Courant, Jan 26, 1877

1877. Hartford Faily Courant. Brewster Column (1).pdf
Brewster reports on her sighting of Eugénie of France at the Vatican. She recounts her shock at the appearance of the Empress, as Brewster had previously known her for her "rare beauty." Especially her peruke aroused outrage among the…

Letter from Eliza Cook to Charlotte Cushman

LoC, CCP Box 10, 2972, Eliza Cook to CC.pdf
Cook praises Cushman for her part of Bianca in Milman's tragedy Fazio.It is republished in Eliza Cook’s Journal on May 21, 1853. Credit Library of Congress, Charlotte Cushman Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Poem by Eliza Cook to Charlotte Cushman, June, 1846

CCP Box 10 Cook, Eliza to CC, June, 1846.pdf
A love letter from Cook devoted to Cushman, addressed to C******** C****** but obvious to those in her social circle. The poem is published in the Weekly Dispatch on June 14, 1846. Credit Library of Congress, Charlotte Cushman Papers, Manuscript…

Poem by Eliza Cook to Charlotte Cushman

CCP Box 10, 2976-2977, Cook to CC.pdf
A love letter written in the form of a poem by Eliza Cook and addressed to Charlotte Cushman. Credit Library of Congress, Charlotte Cushman Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

"IMPROMPTU. TO CHARLOTTE CUSHMAN", Eliza Cook's Journal, July 30, 1853

1853. Eliza Cook Journal. Business Habits for Women.pdf
This is a poem in Eliza Cook's journal written by her and dedicated to Charlotte Cushman. Credit Gale Digital Collections, Nineteenth Century Collections Online

Poem by Cushman about Macready, The Anglo American, Jan 1844

The Anglo-American_Macready Poem by Cushman (1 Jan 1844).pdf
Cushman writes the poem in December 1843 and publishes it in January 1844. There is no entry in Macready's diary, and it is unclear how Macready reacted to Cushman's lyrical praise. CreditEBSCO

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt, Jan 1, 1871

The letter is the answer to a former letter included in this collection, item 214. Charlotte Cushman admires Helen Hunt for her poems and calls her a "gentlewoman."For transcripts, please visit Colorado College.

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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt, June 28, 1871

Currently, Charlotte Cushman is not in pain. Mrs Garland, Emma Stebbins's sister, is very fond of Helen Hunt because of the book of poems she sent.Cushman announces a visit of Stebbins and herself in Bethlehem. Among others, Booth urges Cushman to…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Sarah Anderton [?], June 15, [no year]

CCP 7, 2219-2222, 2245-2248, 2314-2317, CC to Sanderton, June 15, [no year] - OV.pdf
Cushman exchanges poems with Anderton and praises her writing. She has reunited with Eliza Cook, who is disappointed that Cushman is so preoccupied with her engagements.Cushman comments on the poor behavior of Mr. S. [Stamnes?] and states that she…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Sarah Anderton [?], June 26, [no year]

CCP 7, 2219-2222, 2245-2248, 2314-2317, CC to Sanderton, June 26, [no year] - OV.pdf
Cushman has not been able to write Anderton as she has a new role to study and rehearse for. She praises Anderton's writing and returns her verses with annotations from Eliza Cook, who thinks that Anderton exhibits "great poetic talent."Cushman…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Sep 17, 1861

CCP 1, 324-325, CC to ECC, Sep 17, 1861.pdf
Cushman sent Emma a package with thick boots for her. She will send another pair her way and arrange for new puffs and hats as well if Emma wishes.Cushman met a friend in Fontainebleau who wants Emma Stebbins and her to sit for a photograph. Shealso…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, June 27, 1869

CCP 4, 1134-1143, CC to ECC 1869 June-1-3.pdf
Cushman is feeling much better because of her water treatment. She deeply misses Emma and her children and hopes that they will join her in Malvern after their return from Paris.Rosalie has improved in health, in part due to Cushman's care, and will…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Sep 29, 1865

CCP 3, Cushman correspondence 1865 12-14.pdf
Cushman has been anxious about the delivery of Ms. Jane's laces. She has been enjoying her peaceful stay in Wales, away from the noise of the city, and praises Miss Lloyd's efforts as a hostess. Sally has already left to attend to matters in…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Rosalie Sully [?], Nov 9, [1845]

CCP 7, 2287-2291, CC to 'dear friend'.pdf
Cushman describes how strenuous her latest performance of Fazio has been as she had to contend with a "cold audience" and the lacking performance of a fellow actor. But Rosalie's note, which she kept hidden "next her heart" during the play, gave her…

Excerpt from Louisa Drew's Autobiographical Sketch of Mrs. John Drew (1899)

Drew, Louisa (1899)_Autobiographical sketch of Mrs. John Drew.pdf
The autobiography describes Cushman as Maeder's pupil and displays two photographs of Cushman performing as Romeo and as Mrs. Haller. The autobiography compares Madame Celeste's farewell performances to those of Cushman.The autobiography was…