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Transcripts of Letters from Emma Stebbins to Sidney Lanier, July 27 + Sept 4, 1876

JLP 2 Stebbins to Lanier, July 27, 1876.pdf
Emma Stebbins asked the publisher Mr. Osgood for time to work on the biography since she is suffering from health issues. She mentions Emma Cushman's "voluminous correspondence" with Charlotte Cushman and how personal letters require "careful…

Letter from Geraldine Jewsbury to Emma Stebbins, Feb 6, 1877

CCP Box 11 Jewsbury, Geraldine to Stebbins, Emma. Feb 1877. 3462-3471.pdf
While working on the memoir of Charlotte Cushman, Emma Stebbins has made a request to Jewsbury, asking for her letters from 30 years ago. Although there are no 'secrets' in those letters, Jewsbury seems reluctant to hand them to Stebbins. The…

Miss Charlotte Cushman's Health - Letter to the Editor from Dr. Sims in The New York Times, Oct 3, 1869

Dr. James Marion Sims replies to an article of The New York Times of Oct 2, 1869, and feels entitled to comment on Charlotte Cushman's post-operation state of health and diagnosis without having treated her on this issue. (He had dismissed her health…

Health of Charlotte Cushman, The New York Times, Oct 2, 1869

Speculation on Cushman's health after an operation

Letter from Mary Devlin Booth to Emma Crow Cushman, Jan 13[?], 1862

My darling friend[...] I was very much annoyed at receiving a Boston Post' with a comment upon Miss 'Edwina Booth'. I cannot imagine who could have given publicity to such a private matter; they knew little about it--to say 'born in…

"The World's Newspapers," The Daily Picayune, Nov 25, 1894.

1894. Greenwood on Newspapers and Women Journalists.pdf
Greenwood, speaking from her travel experience and stays abroad, evaluates the French, Italian, and English press in comparison to the US-American. In the context of a changing press culture, she also indulges in a long speech against…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Mary Emmons, [Feb] 17, 1871

Cushman "get[s] a little panic of horror from" a note of Mary, who is Emma Crow's sister, since she probably has talked to people about Cushman's "present state of mind (&body)," which gives Cushman "excessive pain & mortification." Cushman…

Anne Brewster Diary Entry, Nov 7, 1868

ABP Box 4 1, diary Nov 1868. Rome. Things unmentionable in a diary.pdf
Brewster writes about her relationship to the Reads and refers to issues that cannot be mentioned in a diary. Credit The Library Company of Philadelphia

Letter from Emma Stebbins to Emma Crow Cushman, Nov 23, 1874

LoC. Cushman 13-1-3.pdf
Stebbins writes that the newspapers have been writing "exaggerated reports" about Cushman, which have been causing her great anxiety. An unfavorable paragraph about Cushman will appear in the Cincinnati Enquirer the following morning, which they have…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, June 29, 1869

CCP 4, 1134-1143, CC to ECC 1869 June-12-14.pdf
Cushman has received an important business note from Wayman Crow, who is shaken by his sister's death. She hopes that Ned will ease his anxieties by taking on some of his work. Cushman also asks Emma to send her Longfellows' translation of…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, June 28, 1869

CCP 4, 1134-1143, CC to ECC 1869 June-4-11.pdf
Cushman responds to Emma’s previous letters, expressing how much pain they have caused her. She is shocked that Emma would expect Cushman to tarnish her reputation so willingly. A "poor old worlded woman" exerted "pressure of her stupid little will"…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Oct 4, 1865

CCP 3, Cushman correspondence 1865 15-17.pdf
Cushman has been feeling physically weaker and her disappointment in various people has added to her suffering. Especially Emma Stebbins' infidelity has affected her and only Emma Cushman's love has "[kept her] above drowning."Upon her arrival in…